The Latest Bathroom Trend: Wetrooms

The Latest Bathroom Trend: Wetrooms

Whether you like neutral sophisticated bathrooms or sumptuously luxurious ones, we can all agree that a bathroom should be a relaxing and stress-free environment where you can wash your cares away. With this in mind, a new trend has been springing up in homes all around the country; the stylish, open-plan and minimal-fuss wetroom.

Unlike a typical bathroom, which has a separated bath or shower area, a wetroom is completely lined with waterproof material - usually tiles - with a central drain in the middle. But why has this design become so popular?

Firstly there’s its functionality. While painted walls or carpeted floors are often hard to keep clean in bathrooms (and can succumb to damp), walls and floors that are fully tiled or lined with vinyl simply allow water to slide off and into the drain making them durable and long-lasting. These surfaces are also really easy to clean, requiring a simple wipe down every so often in comparison to the maintenance required by other materials.

Wetrooms are also a great way to maximise bathroom space. Instead of having a walled-off or separate shower area, a wetroom allows you to have an open-plan bathroom with an uninterrupted floorplan that’ll lend a feeling of spaciousness to even the smallest areas.

Still, despite all their usefulness, some homeowners shy away from wetrooms because they feel that the minimal, sleek design won’t fit in with the rest of their home. This doesn’t have to be the case though; yes, many wetroom designs use large neutral-coloured tiles (again, great for maximising the feeling of space) but the style can also be adapted to chintzier or more bohemian homes. If you prefer classic or quirky interior decor, stay away from large beige stone tiles and opt instead for Victorian-esque black and white tiles in your wetroom to make it seem less modern. You can also opt for coloured or patterned tiles to add a touch of personality.

Of course, with all that tiling to do, wetrooms don’t come cheap but with their durability, functionality and style, we think they’re a worthwhile addition to any home.