The rise of his and hers bathrooms

The rise of his and hers bathrooms

Forget the smallest room in the house used by the whole family, the size of high-end master bathrooms is getting bigger in order to accommodate his and hers fixtures.

The bathroom can be one of the most contested rooms in the house when it comes to arguments, with men complaining about women taking too long or leaving make-up and products lying around and women growing tired of the loo seat left up and shaved hairs in the sink.

His-and-hers master bathrooms - the term for bathrooms that have separate spaces for a couple – are usually the fortay of luxury homes and even more luxury hotels, but they're now beginning to appear in more average homes. If space permits, homeowners can fit dedicated fixtures for each partner, from vanities and sink, to toilets, showers and baths. It makes it easier for couples to get ready for work together and also provides an adult space for relaxing.

Some house builders say the size of master bathrooms has ballooned in recent years to make room for the couple-friendly features. A recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that 6% of buyers consider his-and-her baths essential, and 18% demand on a private toilet compartment.

Perhaps unsurprising is that men want showers, while women want to be able to relax in a large bathtub. However, the trend toward huge shower areas with multiple shower heads and body sprays has been growing over the last few years too. Other upgrades which are popular in new homes include separate toilet spaces (sometimes two facing one another!) and vanities and steam showers with seats.

Much like the kitchen used to be a key focus for house buyers, the bathroom is now the space with a long list of demands. Home-owners are looking beyond the practical functionality of a bathroom and seeing a space which can be used for more than just the essentials.