What are the current trends in bathroom mirrors?

What are the current trends in bathroom mirrors?

What are the current bathroom mirror trends? Start your remodel the right way by exploring the current bathroom mirror trends of 2022.

If you've already started your search, you'll have noticed an influx of circular and framed bathroom mirrors. But you might not know that angular lines are out and curved edges are in! Trends tend to change every year, so we've collated six current design trends in bathroom mirrors - keep reading for inspiration.

Round Mirrors

Round bathroom mirrors have trended over the last couple of years, and 2022 is no different - you'll notice they're everywhere at the minute. Classic and chic, round bathroom mirrors have quickly become a staple in modern bathrooms and ensuites. They can easily elevate your space and offer a softer, more relaxing feel than rectangular mirrors.

Top Tip - We'd recommend placing your round bathroom mirror in the centre of your vanity for maximum effect. If you're looking to wow your guests, settle on a bathroom mirror with a larger diameter of 800mm.

Dual Mirrors

The Jack and Jill bathroom trend continues to be popular throughout bathroom showrooms. If you have the room, dual sink vanities are always a plus, especially when getting ready in the mornings. To achieve a sense of symmetry in your bathroom, hanging two identical mirrors above a double basin is a great way to enhance the wall space. It’ll also reduce conflicts as you both get ready in the morning!

Top Tip - If you're not sure about the dual mirrors trend in your bathroom, an alternative would be to pair your double sink with a large rectangular mirror instead.

Rounded Edges

An interesting update on a traditional favourite, bathroom mirrors with rounded edges continues to trend. Bringing an element of softness to the bathroom, mirrors with rounded edges are both appealing and trendy. The unique aesthetic works perfectly in contemporary and modern spaces.

Top Tip - If you're looking for something bolder, try a bathroom mirror with two rounded edges instead of four!

Framed Mirrors

With Japandi and Scandinavian-inspired designs influencing the interiors market, framed bathroom mirrors bring a minimalist touch to modern spaces. With their popularity set to grow throughout 2022 and beyond, now is the time to elevate your space with a sophisticated yet simplistic framed mirror.

Top Tip - Widely available in metallic and matt finishes, you'll be sure to find a framed mirror to compliment your bathroom.

Nature Inspired

Natural tones and hues are perfect for a bathroom setting as they create a casual and inviting atmosphere. As a result, bathroom mirrors with natural elements are gaining popularity, especially those with wooden frames. Effectively rustic, wooden mirrors are desirable in many bathrooms due to their relaxing and renewing connotations.

Top Tip - Source a mirror specific for bathroom use - wood and water don't always mix, so it's best to know if wooden elements are treated before you buy!

Unique Shapes

Uniquely shaped mirrors have entered the bathroom trends for 2022. Bringing a distinct and individual feel, pill-shaped and geometric bathroom mirrors infuse character into your on-suite or family room. Bold and arty, these statement pieces breathe style into your space and will be a firm favourite among your guests.

Top Tip - We'd recommend framed oval mirrors with a brushed brass finish. Possessing an Art Deco style, these mirrors are a must-have for contemporary spaces.