What is an infinity mirror?

What is an infinity mirror?

When is a mirror not a mirror?

The answer is when it becomes so much more than a functional part of a room and a stylish, interesting focal point. No mirror does this quite as well as the infinity mirror. But just what is it? And what effect can it have on a bathroom?

The Effect

Infinity mirrors create the illusion of an endless tunnel filled with coloured LED lights. Creating the look of a portal stretching out in front of you and into your wall, the effect is certainly impressive and impactful. This effect is cleverly accomplished using two mirrors, one that is fully reflective and one that is only partially reflective. The fully reflective mirror is surrounded by LED lights and the other mirror is placed parallel to it, a short distance in front. When the LED lights are turned on they reflect between the two mirrors. By looking into the mirror, you can see the effect of lights that continuously recede backwards, creating the illusion of depth and infinite space. The lights can be switched off to return the mirror to ‘normal’, making it suitable for everyday use.

Bathroom Use

An infinity mirror can make a statement in any bathroom, with the lights and illusion of an endless tunnel making an interesting feature within the space. Mirrors are traditionally used to make smaller rooms look bigger. With an infinity mirror, this is magnified as it creates the illusion of an endless space. While this doesn’t necessarily help a bathroom feel bigger, it can make a great statement piece that can distract from the size of the room. This can give the mirror a dual purpose – and with the lights switched off the infinity effect can’t be seen. This means you can have access to a standard bathroom mirror, which helps the room to look bigger by reflecting light.

When switched on you have access to a more feature-based mirror, which, thanks to the LEDs, can provide a variety of accent colours to offset the colour scheme of your bathroom. This can provide an interesting effect or soothing light source, helping to transform the room into a much more interesting place to relax and unwind.

An infinity mirror can make a fantastic addition to any bathroom, with an ultra-modern look and feel. To find out more about infinity mirrors, or to get Pebble Grey’s help in finding one for your bathroom, take a look at some designs on our Bathroom Mirrors page.