Where to place a bathroom mirror

Where to place a bathroom mirror

When you decide to redecorate your bathroom you might instinctively think purely about where to move the sink, bath and shower. But something as simple as choosing where in your new layout to put your mirror can have a huge impact on how the room looks too.

We explain the key things to keep in mind when picking where to place your new bathroom mirror.

Capture natural light

Mirrors can help brighten a room by reflecting natural light. When you decide where to put a mirror in your bathroom, position it so it captures as much natural light as possible to maximise the impact it has.

This will probably be opposite your bathroom window, or slightly offset, in order to make the most of natural light during the day. This will not only help a room seem lighter, but larger and more airy.

Positioning a mirror to capture natural light is also a clever way to make a smaller bathroom appear more spacious.

A sensible height and functional spot

A mirror should be placed somewhere that’s easily accessible and useful. If the mirror is on a shelf or wall-mounted, for instance, it should be at a height so the centre of the mirror is roughly at eye level.

Shaving mirrors, or a mirror fitted with an extending arm, should also be placed so you can move it out far enough, like over a sink, and use without difficulty. The height of these mirrors is also important, especially when coupled with the idea of trying to capture light.

With all this in mind, it’s wise to remember that a mirror can help to complete the look and feel of a room. This is especially important in a bathroom, as a mirror here tends to just have a functional purpose. But thinking about how it complements the room can make it a more decorative feature too.

Complementing not overshadowing the room

A mirror should be complementary and placed somewhere in the room that doesn’t overshadow the other features. In fact, everything in a room should be given space, and not crowded.

This means finding a mirror that fits within the style of your bathroom. A mirror with a specific shape, or one that’s framed with a particular design, for instance, can make a big difference to the room.

Finding a mirror that’s a sensible size and doesn’t dominate your bathroom can be difficult. We offer different designs to fit all styles of bathroom, big or small. To take a look at our range, visit our Bathroom Mirrors page.