Who takes the longest shower in your house?

Who takes the longest shower in your house?

There’s a common perception that women take much longer in the shower than men, it’s not difficult to comprehend as us women tend to have much more hair to wash and other things to do, such as shaving our legs!

In a recent survey

20% of men accused their other half of showering for too long
that’s compared to 15% of women

However, what the survey also revealed was that men actually spend 30 seconds longer in the shower on average!

We’ve all got our own routines, whether it’s a long shower every other day or a quick one every morning and although it might not see like a long time it adds up. The report found Brits spend around 100 hours in the bath or shower every year!

Bath fans like to spend 20minutes soaking, whilst those aged 18–24 take 25% longer in the bath and twice as long in the shower as people older than them!

You’ve probably noticed over the last few weeks that the heatwave has prompted a very busy bathroom, with cold showers to cool down or just the amount of showers per week being upped to compensate for the sticky humidity. It can cause real problems for your bathroom though, they're build to cope with a certain amount of moisture, but lots can lead to issues.

Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated, this will stop damp building up. Keeping your shower curtains closed will help it to dry out quicker and stop it from getting mildew. If you have a busy bathroom, it's worthwhile investing in a mirror with a demister pad, at the touch of a button your mirror will de-fog and be usable after your bath or shower, meaning now more grubby smudge and finger marks!