Why are Open Plan Bedroom-Bathroom Combinations Becoming Popular?

Why are Open Plan Bedroom-Bathroom Combinations Becoming Popular?

You have probably heard of en-suite bathrooms but the latest home bathroom trend currently sweeping the nation is taking accessible bathrooms a whole lot further. Forget walls and doors, this year’s trendiest bathroom is right there in your bedroom as part of an open plan design.

In a world where every move and thought is shared on social media, is the open plan bedroom-bathroom one step too far in our ever-increasing loss of privacy? Apparently not, as homeowners worldwide are falling over themselves to have this new style of living installed. But why is it so popular?

The most obvious reason is that a bedroom-bathroom, like any open plan space, automatically makes a living area feel much more spacious. Taking down enclosing walls will open up a space and could make your home feel larger than it is.

As well as a feeling of spaciousness, incorporating your bathroom into your bedroom will also allow it to be a much brighter and airier space. Many bathrooms often have small windows, skylights or just vents to air them out so a bedroom-bathroom can help to avoid that cramped, damp feel of small bathrooms.

There’s also a lot to be said for convenience. Though it may not seem a lot to walk from one room to the other, we’ve all had times when we’ve wished we could hop out of the bath and right into the bedroom to avoid a freezing cold dash across the hallway.

If you’re starting to feel convinced but you’re worried about privacy then fear not; an open plan bedroom-bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your private time either. While many bedroom-bathrooms are intended to be used in single bedrooms or for couples who don’t mind sharing bathtime, other designs feature screens or curtains that can be pulled across the bath to keep private time private. It’s also worth noting that most room plans make sure that the toilet is in a separate space. Some things really ought not to be shared, after all.

While becoming increasingly popular in swanky hotels, open plan bedroom-bathrooms have yet to make the jump to become the norm in residential homes but -- if the trend keeps growing at the same rate -- we could soon be seeing one in every home.