Extractor Fan Installation Kit
Extractor Fan Installation Kit
Extractor Fan Installation Kit

Extractor Fan Installation Kit


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Upgrade your ventilation setup now and get the simple solution for complete bathroom makeovers and axial and inline fans. This durable PVC kit fits all PG extractor fans and 100mm diameter fans seamlessly and offers 3m of flexibility. Plus, its external grill reduces noise on windy days and its internal mesh filter prevents debris buildup (also replaceable).

Product Features
  • For Pebble Grey and other 100mm diameter fans
  • Made from durable PVC
  • 3m flexible ducting length
  • Fixed white external grill for a sound reduction and 2 jubilee clips.
  • Internal mesh filter to stop external debris buildup (replaceable)
  • Can be used with axial and in-line fan installations.
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Expert Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

Bathrooms are prone to excess moisture and dampness, which can lead to the growth of black mould. Having an extractor fan in your bathroom helps reduce humidity and condensation, prevent this from happening. This not only saves you from the hassle of cleaning but also helps maintain a healthier environment for you and your family. As excessive mould buildup can even lead to respiratory issues and allergic reactions according to the NHS.

UK regulations stipulate ventilation requirements for bathrooms, outlined in the Building Regulations Document F. To comply, your bathroom must have proper ventilation through either an openable window or an extractor fan. New build properties with both a bath and shower must use an extractor fan due to increased airtightness. The ventilation requirement is 15 litres per second/54m3 per hour. All extractor fans from Pebble Grey meet these regulations.

There are two main types of bathroom extractor fans: Axial Fans and In-Line Fans. Axial Fans are typically quieter and can be installed in walls or ceilings, directly connected to an external wall. In-Line Fans are more powerful and louder, often ducted through loft spaces or ceiling cavities to an external wall or soffit. They are ideal for bathrooms lacking outer walls. The choice between the two depends on your ventilation needs and available space.

Choosing the right size extractor fan involves calculating the required airflow based on the volume of your bathroom. According to UK regulations, your fan should be capable of changing the air 4x per hour in your home. However here at Pebble Grey we would recommend 7x air exchange per hour as your bathroom is the most humid place in your home.

Calculate the volume of your room by multiplying its height, width, and length in cubic meters. Then multiply this volume by 7 to determine the required airflow in m3/h. You can choose a fan that meets or exceeds this requirement for optimal performance.

Extractor fan noise is measured in decibels (dB). Pebble Grey's extractor fans range from 30dB to 45dB at a distance of 2 meters. 30dB is similar to a whisper and 45dB is similar to the noise of normal living, talking or radio in the background.

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