4 Make-Up and Beauty Trends to Try in 2022

4 Make-Up and Beauty Trends to Try in 2022

The new year is often associated with new resolutions, habits and goals, but have you thought about trying something new with your beauty routine?

Even though it may not be at the top of your new year’s priority list, if you’re starting to get fed up with your same old beauty looks or just want to try something (a bit) different, keep reading for four makeup trends to try in 2022.

Cream blush

If you’re looking for a fresh-looking rosy glow, cream blush is a must. Unlike powder blush, creamy formulas add a dewy finish to your skin and are often hydrating, nourishing and super blendable.

Cream blushes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Blend upwards towards your cheekbones then add a touch to your nose for an all-year round sun kissed look.


 Bejeweled eyes

HBO’s Euphoria has been serving some serious creative makeup looks. Sequins, glitter, pearls and rhinestones have exploded on to our TikTok and Insta feeds… and we love it.

During 2021, Pinterest reported a 110 percent increase in searches for ‘crystal eye makeup’ over the year. With the second season of the hit show premiering this January, we’re looking forward to seeing this dazzling trend evolve throughout 2022.


Fluffy and lifted brows

The soap brow phase (AKA fluffy brows) is here to stay. In November 2021, Pinterest searches for ‘brow lamination’, the latest trend in brow artistry, rose by 105 percent. The popular treatment helps to give your brows a more uniform, full and voluminous shape whilst giving you a natural  ‘brushed up’ look for up to 8 weeks.

If you’re after a more temporary fix, brush your brows upward with a soap or gel to make them appeared feathered and fluffy.


No makeup makeup 

Real skin is in and 2022 is all about being uniquely you. Accentuate your features with light makeup that blends seamlessly into the skin, leaving you with a glowing, luminous complexion and a flush of natural colour.

Looking after your skin with a daily routine is very important when it comes to this trend. And remember… drinking water is your skin's BFF.


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