8 Summer Nail Art Ideas for your Next Manicure

8 Summer Nail Art Ideas for your Next Manicure

Summertime is all about having fun, and what's more fun than trying out a new nail look? We’ve searched Instagram for the best summer-themed nails to get you inspired for your next appointment or nail DIY. Whether you're into bright colours or over-the-top nail art, keep scrolling to find a set for you.


Aura nails are all the trend for summer 2022 and we can see why. @nailedbyyans has brought the energy with this trending nail art on clear tips. 


Social media has seen an influx of “Hailey Bieber Manicure” posts over the last month. This simple, classy design (as seen on @glossy.studios) can be replicated on to your favourite nail shape.


The 2021 summer wavy nail art trend is here to stay. These Groovy Chick inspired nails are simple yet fresh, then finished with a pop of personality. @nuka.nails, we’re obsessed. 


Is there any better excuse to experiment with bright colours than summer? We didn’t think so. @tiffanyabbigailebeauty has created a simple, bright yellow look. French manicure = upgraded.


Looking for something different? Don’t worry, @lolo.nailedit has you covered. This cute manicure, finished with intricate groovy designs, is one of our favourites.


A classic look doesn’t have to be boring - look at these beauties! @thenailloungeipswich has created a gorgeous French manicure using a sea and water themed palette.


There’s just something about these 2 colours together. @lolo.nailedit has created a beautiful, high shine ombre manicure which is very on trend. This set is a must-have.


Pastels will always be a summer favourite. @heygreatnails has created a beautiful, intricate design with a celestial twist.