How to Style your Dressing Table and Keep it Organised

How to Style your Dressing Table and Keep it Organised

If you’re anything like us, your dressing table is a place that brings you a lot of joy and happiness. We all inevitably spend a lot of time there, so it’s important that it reflects your style and is fit for purpose. With lots of makeup, products and jewellery to be stored or displayed, it’s easy for things to start looking messy.

There are no hard rules when it comes to styling your dressing table (as long as it makes you feel good!). Whether your dressing table is situated in your bedroom, a spare bedroom, or a dedicated dressing room, here are our top tips and inspiration to optimise your space and keep things organised.


Choose the Right Mirror

A mirror is a key component to your dressing table, both functionally and aesthetically, and acts as a focal point to your space. If your vanity station isn’t near the best light, a dressing table mirror with lights, such as a Hollywood Mirror, is a great way to ensure you’re always looking your best. Hollywood Mirror’s can be used all year round and are great for dark winter mornings or when getting ready for a night out during the evening.

Professional make-up artists all agree that lighting is vital for creating flawless looks. Awkward shadows, which can lead to uneven makeup application, can be caused by sitting under overhead lighting whilst applying your look. By flooding yourself with light face on, using a makeup mirror with lights or a ring light minimises this issue and provides an illuminating even glow. Light temperatures should be between 3,000 and 6,000 kelvins so that the light can be adjusted to suit any time of the day. A natural daylight setting is 5,000 kelvins and is an accurate colour temperature, resembling the lighting you’ll be exposed to when going outside during the day time.

Dressing table mirrors can either stand on your table or be wall-mounted depending on your personal preference. If you’re looking to save space, a wall-mounted vanity mirror will free up room on your table and allow you to store more products. On the other hand, a large tabletop makeup mirror may act as a centrepiece in your room.


Amp up your Storage

It can be difficult to keep all of your products organised, especially if you have a lot of them. Having a place to store everything is a great way to keep your beauty area in check. A dressing table with drawers is ideal for storing all of your beauty essentials; this will also give you plenty of room for future purchases! If a new dresser isn’t in your budget right now, don’t worry – there are other options available which work just as well!

Using a tabletop (or draw) makeup organiser will help keep things neat, tidy and easy to find when you need them. Decorative trays or pots can help to keep small makeup items organised and within reach during application. Keep jewellery tangle free and collated with a stand or box to make sure you’re keeping your precious items safe.

A seat with storage can be a discreet and helpful way to store larger items like palettes and hair appliances. Alternatively, if you have the space underneath or next to your dressing table, it may be handy to invest in an extra set of drawers, boxes or cases.


Make it your Own

Once you’ve got the basics down, personalise your dressing table with décor to make it your own. Use plants, candles, photographs and other accessories to add a finishing touch to your space. We’ve picked out a mix of our favourite customer dressing tables to give you some inspiration... keep scrolling and follow us on Instagram for more!