A guide to picking the best bathroom mirror cabinet

A guide to picking the best bathroom mirror cabinet

Helping to prevent clutter, mirror cabinets are a popular choice in many bathrooms. Like other rooms in house, having sufficient storage in your bathroom is important to make the most of your space and keep things organised.

A great alternative to mirrors, bathroom mirror cabinets are both functional and practical. Reflecting natural light around the room, the cabinet will add an element of depth and take up any unused wall space.

When deciding which mirrored cabinet is best for you, it’s important to consider how much storage you need, the style of your bathroom, and what features you could benefit from. Keep reading for our guidance on choosing the best bathroom mirror cabinet for your space. 

Size and position

Bathroom mirror cabinets are available in a variety of different sizes and styles, so knowing what will work best in your bathroom is important. The first step is to measure up properly and decide where it should go. Most people choose to install their mirrored cabinet above their sink so they can see themselves whilst washing their face, brushing their teeth, or applying makeup.

Measure the width of your sink or vanity. Aesthetically speaking, a bathroom cabinet should not be wider than this. Whilst this may not be the case with statement bathroom mirrors, choosing a larger cabinet may overpower the space and make other furniture appear smaller.

You should also consider the height of your mirrored cabinet. How tall are the people who’ll be using the mirror / storage? What is a sensible height where it’ll be practical for everyone to be eye-level? Make sure to leave enough room above the sink and keep in mind that if the product includes a motion sensor, make sure it’s at least 15cm away from any surface or object. Read: How high should I hang a bathroom mirror?

Lastly, always consider depth. Think about how the door(s) will open; is there enough space to open your cabinet properly? Measure how deep the cabinet could be to maximize storage whilst being practical and not overwhelming the room. Typically, medicine cabinets should have at least 10-11cm of overall depth

Colour and style

As well as being a practical piece of storage, a mirrored cabinet will be one of the key focal points in your bathroom. Think of it as an accessory; what style / décor are you going for? Most cabinets are made from aluminum or wood.

Aluminum and stainless steel are both very durable options as they will not rust over time. Reflecting light around the room, metal cabinets are contemporary and stylish - ideal for those looking to create a modern look. Wooden cabinets, available in a variety of finishes to tie in with your space, look great in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

Single or double door

Depending on the size of your space and how much storage you need, bathroom cabinets are available in both single and double door versions. Great for larger bathrooms and wider vanity units, a double door cabinet is ideal for those looking for maximum storage. If you have a more compact space, a single door mirrored cabinet may be your preferred option. Remember to also consider which way the doors will open; we’d recommend measuring accurately and overestimating slightly when measuring up.

Recessed mirror cabinets

Recessed bathroom mirror cabinets are a handy alternative for those trying to save space or opt for minimal décor. Appearing flush against the wall, a recessed cabinet is a clever piece of storage that sits within the bathroom wall creating a sleek, contemporary look. These cabinets require careful installation and planning compared to wall mounted cabinets. Always take precautionary measures and check for any electric or plumbing lines within the wall which may impede the cabinet. We strongly advise to use a professional fitter for installation.


Alongside being a handy storage solution, a bathroom cabinet will act as a focal point in your space. Providing energy-efficient LED lighting, an illuminated mirror cabinet is a stylish accessory that’s also useful to those without a window and limited light.

Lighting can be split into two categories – task lighting and ambient lighting. Task light is very practical; it’s great for enhancing makeup application or aiding shaving. On the other hand, ambient light creates an atmosphere in your bathroom and a luxury feel. Some illuminated mirror cabinets also include lighting internal for ease of use when looking for your toiletries.

Overhead LEDs

Cabinets with overhead LEDs usually have a strip light or multiple bulbs that shine over the mirror. Casting bright light directly from above, overhead lighting minimizes shadows that may impede grooming or lead to uneven makeup application. The direct light is great for shaving, with maximum light being reflected on to your face.

Diffused LEDs

Compared to hard light which creates harsher shadows, diffused lighting disperses and even glow across a surface. Usually situated on the cabinet from face-on, this light also plays a helping hand in your everyday routine. Choose from an array of designs, such as a simple LED frame, to create a luxury centerpiece in your bathroom.


While natural and artificial light is important for performing bathroom tasks, ambient lighting can add depth and atmosphere to your space. Great for adding a stylish touch to your décor, ambient lighting is all about using light as an accessory.

Exuding a diffused, back-lit glow, Halo Lights are a popular choice in contemporary bathroom settings. Illuminated mirrors and cabinets are framed by a beautiful “halo” of light. A backlit mirror cabinet will inevitably become the focal point of the bathroom; a great option for those going for a minimalist look.

For bathroom cabinets, ambient lighting can glow from the sides, front or underneath the cabinet. Practical edge lit cabinets are great for modern bathrooms, while cabinets with bar or dot frontal light patterns add subtle luxury to the room.

Colour Temperature

Once you’ve chosen your light type and placement, there are multiple colour temperatures to choose from depending on your intended purpose. Most illuminated bathroom cabinets come with a temperature of 3,000 – 6,000 kelvin.

Pick bright, daylight LEDs (6,000 kelvin) for precision tasks (such as makeup application) for an accurate colour balance before heading out of the house. To help you relax, opt for warm lighting (3,000 kelvin) to create a calming ambience – great for a long soak in the bath. Can’t decide? Consider picking a mirrored cabinet with colour-changing LEDs that switch between a warm relaxing glow and cool bright white.


An important aspect to consider when choosing your mirror cabinet is of course, storage. Bathroom cabinets help to free up storage space elsewhere and keep clutter in the bathroom to a minimum. Have a think about how many people will be using it. How many products will there be?

Bathroom cabinets can become cluttered over time if there’s not enough space for you. This might mean you’ll be struggling to find products or keep track of what you actually have. Consider how many shelves you’ll need to keep things organised – many cabinets come standard with 2 or 3 shelves. Cabinets with adjustable shelves are handy for storing larger toiletries.

For larger vanities or family bathrooms, a double door mirror cabinet will maximize storage. In smaller ensuites, a single door cabinet may be sufficient for essential items like toilet paper and toothpaste.


With smart bathroom tech becoming increasingly popular, modern bathroom cabinets host an array of technical features to help you make the most out of your everyday routine.

At the forefront of contemporary mirror design, many of our bathroom cabinets feature a variety of pre-installed extras:

Bluetooth Speakers

Fill your bathroom with sound by connecting your device to a bluetooth cabinet. Listen to the news or weather forecast when waking up, or catch up on the latest podcast or audiobook while relaxing in the bath. While wired devices are dangerous the bathroom, waterproof speakers are usually located on the side or top of the mirrored cabinet.

Demister pads

By gently heating the centre of the mirror, demister pads help to reduce condensation and produce a steam-free reflection. Simply turn on before your bath or shower for a steam-free reflection when you get out – without having to clean or wipe smears on your mirrors.

Motion and touch sensors

Designed for optimal use, choose a mirrored cabinet with either a contemporary motion or touch sensor. Providing touch free control, cabinets with motion sensors are easy to keep clean. As well as being modern, some touch sensors exude a subtle ring of light which is great for navigating during nighttime.

Shaver Socket

Handy for those with limited plug sockets, cabinets with shaver sockets can make your routine that little bit easier. Bring efficiency to the bathroom, most shaver sockets are switched on by a rocker switch, or activated once a shaver is plugged in. Usually located inside or on the side of the cabinet, sockets are also great for electric toothbrushes.  

Mains or battery powered

Depending on what electrical sources are accessible in your bathroom, LED bathroom mirror cabinets can either be mains powered or battery powered. Mains powered cabinets must be connected to the mains electricity in your bathroom. Usually suitable for both solid walls and plasterboard, we recommend using a professional fitter for installation.

Battery powered bathroom mirror cabinets give you all the benefits of our standard cabinets, without needing to wire to the mains. The battery compartment (usually requiring AA standard batteries) is kept discreetly inside the cabinet. With efficient LED technology, your cabinet will stay illuminated for months before needing to replace the batteries.