Bathroom Accessories to Maximise Space

Bathroom Accessories to Maximise Space

Bathrooms look their best at their cleanest and tidiest. Clean lines, shining surfaces, and little to no clutter. That can be a big ask in a small bathroom – one thing out of place can make a room look instantly cluttered and messy, which is why bathroom storage is crucial. It isn’t only a way to keep a bathroom tidy, but also as a key means of maximising the space you have available in a room.

Clever space saving

Many bathrooms are an irregular shape due to having to accommodate baths, toilets, sinks, boilers, etc. This can make storing items in a bathroom tricky as you might be in a situation with limited floor space for cabinets or cupboards. Bathrooms in particular present a challenge for storage as you need to make full use of the potentially limited space available. Finding effective storage solutions in these circumstances may require you to think outside the box. Using baskets, wall mounted cabinets, and shelving will allow you to elevate your storage, negating the floor space issues that can occur in a bathroom. This can also allow you to make use of any unusual shapes or areas to create unique storage solutions in corners or alcoves. To help save more space, make sure the contents of your bathroom are organised – it’s especially useful to make sure that you are maximising the space available in cabinets by avoiding unnecessary clutter.

Once you’ve got the surface of the mirror clean, use a lint-free, flat weave microfibre cloth to polish and buff away any marks. Microfibre cloths, although expensive initially, are great for cleaning, especially in the bathroom. Wash them regularly (without using fabric conditioner as this will make them less efficient) and make sure that you keep a couple designed primarily for glass and bathroom use only.

Dual purpose

A smaller bathroom can mean that, once all appliances and storage solutions are in place, there’s very little space left on walls for accessories and decoration such as art or mirrors. This can make a bathroom feel a lot less personal. It is possible, however, to have accessories that serve a dual purpose; a prime example is a cabinet with a mirrored door. Other options such as an infinity mirror would be a great way to make a statement by combining a creative feature and a mirror, serving as a fantastic focal point to a room.

A sense of extra room

The right accessories can help create a sense of extra space in a variety of ways. For example, mirrors will reflect light and make a room feel more open, while clever storage and space saving accessories – such as wall mounted toothbrush holders or shelving inside a shower unit – can reduce clutter and maximise the available space in a bathroom. Combining accessory choice with colour and style coordination will create a bathroom that is open, clear of clutter, and welcoming throughout the day.