Bathroom storage

Five bathroom storage ideas to help reduce clutter

Keeping your bathroom organised and clutter-free can be difficult without sufficient storage. To make the most of every inch of your bathroom, you should consider which storage type will work best in your space. You may find incorporating wall or floor storage into your bathroom is ideal - you may even decide to use both. In recent years, bathroom storage solutions have grown, and as a result, they come in many different forms. Here are five bathroom storage ideas to help reduce clutter and inspire your next renovation.

Install a space-saving vanity unit

If space is an issue in your bathroom, installing a space-saving vanity unit might be just what you need. The number of bathroom-related essentials you can fit in a vanity unit is endless! There are also different types and configurations to choose from. We recommend thinking about how the vanity will work in your space and what you plan on using it for? This should help you to decide which vanity unit to pick.

A vanity around a sink pedestal takes up unused space and replaces it with something practical and functional. In particular, pedestal vanity units with draws work best in the bathroom as they provide the most space. These vanity units combine style and organisation, turning the redundant space into something decorative and stylish.

You can also get combined sink and toilet vanities which incorporate the toilet and sink basin into a single storage unit. Fitted furniture slips seamlessly into your bathroom and is relatively low maintenance compared with the alternatives. Fitted vanity units will instantly transform the look and feel of your bathroom while also providing ample storage space.

Replace your mirror with a bathroom mirror cabinet

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Bathroom mirror cabinets are a great alternative to vanity units, especially if you have less floor space. These bathroom storage solutions take up otherwise unused wall space and add an element of depth. Mirror cabinets are perfect for hiding-away toiletries and feature an assortment of benefits designed to improve your bathroom routine.

One of the main benefits of bathroom mirror cabinets is, of course, the mirror! Creating a space for you to get ready in the mornings, the mirror cabinet will also reflect natural light across your bathroom to create an open and inviting space. Depending on the room, you may decide an illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet is best. LED mirror cabinets also feature functions such as demister pads, shaver sockets and USB ports. Demister pads help reduce condensation on the mirror and work to combat dampness in the bathroom. The integrated shaver sockets and USB ports charge and power bathroom electrical items such as shavers.

Hang some floating shelves

bathroom storage - floating shelves

Floating shelves are stylish and decorative pieces, but they also help to reduce clutter in the bathroom. Organising your space can be as simple as ensuring everything has its place. If you feel adventurous, install them above the bath, where you have effortless access to shampoo and conditioner as you wash.

When installing floating shelves, ensure you consult the instructions before making a start. We think they work best on blank wall spaces rather than tiles, but the choice is yours. You may find floating shelves are the best bathroom storage for your space.

Use storage bins

Bathroom Storage Baskets

In the quest for a clutter-free and well-organised bathroom, one essential solution stands out: bathroom storage bins. These bins are designed to fit snugly inside cupboards, offering the perfect solution to keep your bathroom products, like shampoo and toothpaste, in perfect order. 

With bathroom storage bins, everything finds its designated spot, making it a breeze to locate your toiletries with ease. From stackable bins that optimise vertical space to compartmentalised ones that neatly arrange various items. These storage gems bring an unparalleled level of organisation to your cupboards. They free up valuable counter space and showcasing a visually appealing and well-structured setting. Embrace the simplicity and functionality of bathroom storage bins, and revel in the convenience of a perfectly organised bathroom space.

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