Bathroom Trends for 2019

Bathroom Trends for 2019

Keeping an eye on the latest trends can be overwhelming, especially when you're trying not to break the bank. Which is why we are going to tell you four of our biggest bathroom trends for 2019 in the hope to inspire you to transform your bathroom into one of your favourite rooms in the house!

Textures and Patterns

Geometric patterns have always been up and coming for architectural designs and various rooms in the house. Now, it’s time to implement a versatile yet dramatic form to your bathroom through different shapes and patterns.

Showcase geo-patterned tiles on both walls and floors in modern and blush hues for a modern feel. Many people opt for the rectangular, brick-style tiles on the walls of their bathroom as they can be really versatile and easy to match with other patterns and colours in the room.

If you can use natural colours in these patterns and textures, this will give you the ability to add splashes of colour and other bold patterns to the room without having to worry about it all clashing and decreasing the size of the room.

Go Bold with Black

Black has the ability to add a sense of drama and luxury to the bathroom without having to break the bank. So, if you’re going to go bold – do it right.

When black is used sparingly, it works wonders to highlight certain aspects of any bathroom, no matter the style or feel of the room. It seems coloured basins and taps are becoming increasingly popular, especially black matte appliances including trellis shower frames and handle bath mixers, there’s plenty of products out there with the ability to add a touch of elegant sophistication to your bathroom.

Express Wood Accents

Natural materials and industrial fittings are another strong look for bathrooms in 2019 and can change the look and feel of the room at an affordable cost.

Opting to add natural wood to a traditionally cool feel of a bathroom is guaranteed to make the room warmer and inviting.

Whether you decide to go all out on wooden furniture or simply add some minimal decorative touches, spend some time looking at different types of wood to bring the perfect vision of your bathroom to life.

Naturally Earthy

This year is all about natural elements. Aside from stone, marble and concrete, there are a number of earthy tones that you can incorporate into your bathroom or en-suite, from textured wall paint and tiles to exquisite plants and ceramics.

We have found that the most popular earth tones for bathrooms include various shades of green, brown, grey and blue. Experiment with different shades and complementary colours to see what you can create.

Why not cut down on plastic and introduce some decorative glasses or bottles for your toiletries?

Now you know our favourite trends for bathrooms in 2019, it's up to you to bring your bathroom to life and venture into some new design ideas and styles.