Bedroom vs Bathroom – The Make-up Debate

Bedroom vs Bathroom – The Make-up Debate

Do you have a dedicated special place for your morning hair, skincare or make-up routine? Research shows most of us opt to get ready in the mornings in the bathroom – over the sink or sat down in front of the vanity. However, more of us have moved out of the bathroom and have set up our beauty stations in our bedrooms. Whatever your preference, there are other elements that you should consider when applying make-up and, it’s not what room you use. Lighting plays a significant role when serving the perfect look. For us it's all about the lighting - we have teamed up with Hollywood Mirror retailer Glamour Mirrors to showcase the best in make up mirror options. Choose from wall mounted Hollywood mirrors or dressing table mirrors: with easy to assemble instructions and 5 year warranty, browse all there is to offer in the world of professional Hollywood mirrors!

Best Lighting for Make-up Application

Professional make-up artists and hairstylists will all agree that lighting is vital for creating flawless looks. It's imperative to consider the amount, of lighting whether it be natural or artificial. Your vanity set-up should be exposed to as much light as possible to avoid unflattering shadows as you apply make-up. Brighten up your surroundings with an illuminated make-up mirror that evenly spreads LED light for flawless make-up application. After all, if you can see what you’re doing, it's not likely that you’ll be looking your best.

For flawless make-up application, light temperatures should be between 3,000 and 6,000 kelvins, this way the light can be adjusted to suit any time of day. A natural daylight setting is 5,000 kelvins. An accurate colour temperature resembles the lighting you'll be exposed to throughout the day; as a result, you'll be able to create a look that's perfect for any setting. There is nothing worse than stepping out and realising you’ve missed a spot ​or your make-up isn’t quite how you planned. We've put together some information on the type of mirror you should be looking for to complete your vanity - whether it be in the bathroom or bedroom.

Bathroom Make-up Mirrors

If your preferred make-up area is the bathroom, we’d recommend an illuminated bathroom mirror with LED edging. Bathroom mirrors with an LED trim emit an even glow that perfectly reflects your complexion. By reducing the number of shadows on your face, an illuminated bathroom mirror ensures even coverage for flawless make-up application. Our warm to cool bathroom mirrors let you cycle through three colour temperatures until you find the perfect output. Depending on your bathroom, a slimline mirror may be more suited to your space but, mirrored cabinets can be a fantastic alternative - as they provide storage too. Here's an example of the bathroom mirror you should be looking if your aim is flawless end results.

Bedroom Make-up Mirrors

Alternatively, if you prefer a more comfortable environment when getting ready, an illuminated vanity mirror is perfect for you. Hollywood mirrors from Glamour mirrors provide the best bedroom lighting for make-up application. Offering a glamourous alternative to bathroom make-up routines, dressing table mirrors with professional studio lighting allow you to see yourself in the best light. Glamour's Hollywood mirrors feature day to night technology for natural looks in the day and bold, dramatic looks on an evening. Temperature changing and dimmable, the LED bulbs provide the perfect colour balance for your desired look. Not only do Glamour Mirrors enhance your look with professional studio lighting but, they also feature built-in plug sockets and USB plugs. Opt for a Bluetooth Hollywood mirror and start the party at home while you get ready. Take a look at some of our favourites.

Not only does the right lighting ensure flawless make-up application but, it’s also great for boosting wellbeing and creating an inviting, relaxing space to unwind in. So, where do you create the perfect look? Have we inspired you to switch up your routine?