Black Bathroom Trends You Need To Know

Black Bathroom Trends You Need To Know

One of this year’s biggest bathroom trends is black interiors but, it can be hard to strike the right balance without making your bathroom feel claustrophobic or gloomy. Our range of black bathroom mirrors exude impactful style that works perfectly in modern and industrial settings. Black never goes out of style and, it’s a complementary colour that will work well with many designs. We’ve collated some of our favourite black bathroom trends that will inspire you to incorporate this latest design into your home.

Black Fixtures and Fittings

A sleek and subtle way to incorporate black into your bathroom is to include black fixtures and fittings into your renovation. Implementing black trims, pipes and, taps is an effective yet refined way of transforming your space and adding some character. Chic black finishes allow you to express this design style without overdoing it so your bathroom can remain an inviting and open space. Match black fixtures with light grey or white walls for maximum impact against darkened fittings.

Black Tiles

Statement black or slate tiles allow you to create a classic, on-trend look that's ideal for a variety of family bathrooms. Matte black tiles provide depth and texture that will leave a lasting impression on guests, while glossy tiles can make your space feel larger. A tiled feature wall lets you strike the right balance as you can rely on the rest of your walls, fixtures and fittings to lighten up the room. Match black tiles with gold fixtures or antiques for a classic yet distinctive look.

Monochrome Colour Scheme

If you’re unsure about incorporating too much darkness into your bathroom, then why not go monochrome or use marbled tiles? A monochrome approach allows you to find the perfect harmony between light and dark. Black and white work so well together because one absorbs light and the other reflects - they complement each other perfectly. You could always opt for a modern, minimalistic take with geometric patterned tiles or, if you want to go ultra-classic, why not incorporate a Victorian-inspired checkerboard floor.

Black Shower Enclosure

As black bathrooms rose in popularity so, did black shower enclosures. Perfect for industrial and minimalistic bathrooms, black shower enclosures offer a clean, simple and chic look. Black grid showers are ideal for both small and large bathrooms as their open design conveys a sense of space. To complete the look, why not add a black framed mirror or black bathroom cabinet.

All black Bathroom

If you’re thinking of experimenting with a black bathroom, then why not go all out? Take an all or nothing approach to your bathroom remodel and express your style through texture and not colours. Incorporating a range of black elements in different textures adds depth and character to your space without causing you to feel overwhelmed by darkness. To liven up your space, add greenery or incorporate mood lighting for a cosy, relaxing atmosphere.