En-suite bathroom ideas for your home

En-suite bathroom ideas for your home

When sensibly fitted, designed and styled, an en-suite bathroom can be the envy of many households. The convenience of having a toilet and shower adjoining your bedroom can add some luxury and a spot of class to your home. So how can you make the most out of your en-suite, so the room is set out well, while enhancing the style of your home? From optimising space to fitting accessories and creating a style that complements your bedroom, these en-suite bathroom ideas should help.

Optimising Space

Attached to a bedroom, an en-suite bathroom often comes with little space. So it’s a good idea to select furniture and storage units that make the most of the space you have. You could fit bathroom fixtures and fittings that are designed to open up a small space. This could include a corner shower, wash basin or vanity unit. A wall-hung toilet can also make the room more spacious, while a wall-mounted cabinet can be ideal for storing your bathroom essentials without shrinking space.

Complementing your bedroom

When considering the style and design of your en-suite bathroom, it’s a good idea to aim to complement the look of your bedroom. This doesn’t mean making sure everything in the room matches the adjoining space – you don’t want the en-suite to appear as an extension of your bedroom. It’s more about choosing colours, designs and styles that complement those of the adjacent room, while still giving the en-suite its own identity and feel. To do this, your décor could range from small subtle touches to grand details that make a mark. For instance, you could choose colours of tiles and furnishings that look good alongside your bedroom carpet or wallpaper. Bathroom light fixtures could match those in your bedroom or compliment the style. Or you could fit taps for your bath and basin, and handles for your bathroom cabinet or vanity unit, which complement those of your wardrobe and bedside table.

Accessorising the room

It’s also a good idea to add accessories to your en-suite bathroom, which can increase functionality, maximise space and enhance the style of the room. A stylish heated towel rail, for instance, can provide somewhere to hang your luxury towels and keep them warm, while enhancing an elegant look. A large, frameless, designer mirror can bring in light and create the illusion of space, making the room look bigger. Installing a mirrored cabinet above the sink, or fitting a matching soap dish and toothbrush holder, can also increase storage and add some charm to the space.

How we can help you get the most out of your en-suite bathroom?

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