Shaving tips to better your shave

Shaving tips to better your shave

Achieving the best, smoothest shave doesn’t need to be complicated and has a lot to do with the techniques you use. We’ve put together some top shaving tips and tricks to help you get the best look.

Shave after a shower

The steam and heat from a hot shower opens up your pores and soften your facial hair. This not only helps give you a gentler, easier shave, but helps prevent any nicks, bumps and cuts.

Use a shaving mirror

A mirror is essential when shaving, but there are some types that are designed specifically for shaving. These include features like magnified glass, helping you to complete the best shave.

Use shaving oils if sensitive

If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to use a shaving oil or sensitive shaving foam, cream or gel. This helps give a smoother shave, and helps stops redness, rashes and spots developing on your skin after shaving.

Leave shaving foam to sit on the skin

After applying your shaving foam or cream, allow it to sit on your skin for a few minutes before you start to shave. The moisture helps further soften your facial hair and skin for a smoother shave, and it helps prevent any friction the blade might cause when shaving.

Use a sharp blade

A nice sharp blade cuts facial hair best, while a dull blade can damage the skin. To make sure you always use a sharp blade when shaving, it’s advisable to aim to replace it every ten shaves.

Shave with the grain, not against it

This means to shave in the direction of hair growth. Shaving with the grain helps avoid damaging and cutting your skin, and causing ingrown hair to develop.

Take your time

You should give yourself plenty of time when shaving, so you can shave slowly and gently and be kinder to your skin. Shaving fast and hard can cause razor burn and you’re more likely to cut your skin.

Use short strokes

It’s better to shave in short strokes, ideally around 2cm long. Using long, sweeping strokes can cause razor burn, as more hair can build up on the blade.

Regularly rinse the blade

After every couple of strokes you should rinse the blade with warm water. This frees any hairs that might be trapped in the blade and helps keep your skin soft.

Shave the lip last

The hair on the lip is thicker than other parts of the beard. So it’s best to shave it last to give the shaving cream more time to soften the hair.

End with a cold wash

After shaving, rinse your face with cold water. This closes the pores, cools your skin and keeps it feeling fresh.

Use a balm not aftershave

Aftershaves usually contain high alcohol content. This can dry out your skin and cause irritation after shaving. Instead, try an aftershave balm to moisturise and sooth the skin.

Mirrors to help better your shave

As we’ve mentioned, a big part of achieving the perfect shave is a having a good mirror. Pebble Grey provides a selection of top shaving mirrors, specifically designed to help provide the best shaving experience. These include mirrors with features, such as demister pads, illuminated glass and shaver sockets. To find out more about the stylish range we offer, please visit our Shaver Mirror page.