Styling tips for small bathrooms

Styling tips for small bathrooms

Having a smaller bathroom doesn’t mean you’re deprived of a stylish place to relax and unwind. If anything, having less space means you should be smarter with your storage and styling to maximise on the room available to you.

We explain our top styling tips for smaller bathrooms.


In a small room, the best thing you can do is create the illusion of more space. Using light colours on tiles and walls helps to make a room feel much more airy and spacious.

Using light colours is also worthwhile with your soft furnishings, such as towels. It’s worth remembering that anything particularly dark can dominate a room and make it look and feel a lot smaller.


Similar to the right choice of colour, getting the lighting right in your bathroom can reap rewards in making a small room seem much lighter and spacious.

Brighter LED or halogen lights, for instance, can help a room appear lighter. The positioning of these lights, ideally, recessed into the ceiling, can also help create the illusion of height in a room and make it seem more spacious.


With space at a premium it’s important to keep your clutter to a minimum. An abundance of bottles, pots, and other common bathroom items left on show, can start to make a room feel more cramped than relaxing.

Storage under a sink can be an option, as could using a wall-mounted cabinet. Due to having less space, your storage solutions should be out of the way. They should provide somewhere for you to store your items, without being something you need to navigate round to use your bathroom.


The final way to style your bathroom to accentuate space is to use accessories. For instance, the light colour and type of lighting you use can all be accentuated by a decent-sized mirror. In a small room, this can be used to reflect light and help to create the illusion of additional space.

It’s possible to save on space by combining your bathroom mirror with your storage. A cabinet with a mirrored front can be a great space-saving solution for a smaller bathroom, while still providing all the functionality you’ll need.

Our Sienna illuminated bathroom cabinet mirror, for example, ticks all the boxes for a small bathroom. It combines a mirror and storage, and comes in a light colour, with the latest LED technology. It can complement a smaller bathroom and help to create the illusion of space, without compromising on storage or a decent-sized bathroom mirror.