Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta

Love, warmth, energy and passion. Viva magenta brings life and daring to 2023.

What's that colour?

'Viva' is the perfect descriptor for this years choice colour. It means 'alive', 'vivid' and vibrant. Colours hued across the pink and red spectrums are just that. Bold, brave and confident, particularly in more saturated, high chroma tints.

Viva Magenta is an interesting choice for 2023. Full of life in the modern setting but rooted in a pigment that is historically held with high regard and an aesthetic of wealth. The deep and rich colour of cochineal was once worth it's weight in gold.

For interiors and bathroom in particular, pairing the right touch of viva magenta with a wider palette of colours and textures, is key to flipping the look between vintage and modern.

Tints & Shades - light it right

At it’s heart, the pure viva magenta colour is incredibly bold and punchy so carefully consider application. Large areas could easily be over-powering. That said, a subtle shift in tone could set the mood just right. While darker shades such as Poppy reds are strong and punchy, lighter pastel variations can create a gentle, more relaxing feel whilst keeping the warmth. For softness, head towards lighter raspberry, dusky pink or nude blush tints.

Viva magenta is flexible when it comes to lighting since it sits relatively neutral between warm and cool. Illuminating under a cool light will tint the colour towards purple whereas warm lighting will move it towards true reds and pinks.

Palette & Texture Ideas


Use touches of Vivid Magenta as an accent colour with accessories. Keeping this vibrant hue under control but allowing it to add a splash highlights of warmth and colour against an otherwise neutral environment.

Bright Blossom

Again bringing in more light use of magenta but this time in a more complimentary pallette of closer pastel hues. Think spring cherry blossom against clear blue skies for a bright, fresh and airy feel.

Very Berry

For the brave. More liberal lashings of Viva Magenta with larger areas of flat colour. Break up with crisp white porcelein or marble.