Wall-mounted bathroom storage ideas

Wall-mounted bathroom storage ideas

Bathrooms can become incredibly cluttered, incredibly quickly. Storage is key to keeping the clutter at bay and making your bathroom a clean and inviting place to go and relax. Mounting storage on the walls of your bathroom not only helps to save space, but can also help maximise the effectiveness of your bathroom storage.

Why have wall-mounted storage?

Taking your storage off the floor and mounting it to the walls of your bathroom has a number of benefits.


A bathroom floor can get incredibly wet. When storage is on the floor it’s possible for water to get underneath it and not dry up. This can damage flooring or cause staining on floors or storage units. Lifting the storage from floor level means this can be avoided, helping keep your bathroom looking its best for longer.


Having your storage higher up can also be a safety benefit for children. Keeping harmful cleaning products, razors, scissors, or other potentially dangerous items well out of reach can help to avoid any unfortunate accidents.


Wall-mounted storage can range from a simple rack to hold shampoo and shower gel to a large mirror-fronted cabinet, which helps organise the majority of your bathroom clutter.

Storage options

Cabinets can be incredibly versatile, coming in a variety of sizes and can be made to fit into a variety of spaces, including tight corners and alcoves. This helps you to capitalise on space that otherwise might have little impact on a room. The key to this is ensuring that your cabinet doesn’t dominate the rest of your bathroom, by being too big or not fitting in with the look of the room. Storage should also always be easily accessible, and at a sensible height, so anything kept within the cabinet can be easily found. Organising your bathroom by using the right form of storage can help transform a bathroom, from a cluttered and purely functional space into a more serene place to relax and unwind. Bathroom storage, especially when combined with a mirror, can provide a functional and stylish addition to a room. Not only by adding an extra layer of usefulness to your bathroom cabinet, but by also taking into account the additional benefits a mirror can add to the space. For more help on finding the perfect storage solution for your bathroom, take a look at our range of bathroom cabinets.