What do you keep in your bathroom cabinet?

What do you keep in your bathroom cabinet?

When it comes to bathroom furniture, bathroom cabinets are one of the few essentials. They keep your beauty basics and personal hygiene essentials out of view and medicines away from smaller family members. However, left unmonitored cabinets can turn into cluttered areas of chaos – dangerously un-zen spaces in relaxation havens.

A survey conducted in connection with Self Care Week earlier this month revealed that we, the British Public, could save our GPs a lot of time if we put a little effort into clearing out and replenishing the medicine shelf of our bathroom cabinets regularly.

“Around 20 per cent of patients don’t need to see a doctor and are wasting their own time booking an appointment to ask for medication for minor ailments when they could easily treat themselves from their own medicine cabinet,” - Dr Stillman, Annual Self Care Week.

Here at Pebble Grey headquarters we’ve been spurred into action by this news and have spent the week delving deep into our bathroom cabinets. We’ve cleared out medication that’s out of date and stocked up on winter essentials like cold and flu tablets, which are or course, positioned firmly out of reach of curious children.

Because we’ve been so good, we thought we deserved a few treats and decided to fill the new-found space in our cabinets with a few new beauty products. We’ve been taking a little shopping inspiration from Made In Chelseas’ Binky, who’s spilled the beans on the bubbles she likes to put in her bath in a special article for the MailOnline.

The reality TV star certainly seems to have some expensive tastes, as do I on occasions I must admit. I’ve been moonlighting a little and writing some articles for the glamour-focussed justluxe blog and have penned my own post on luxury products that put the ‘ooh’ into bathroom hour. I’ll let you know when the post goes up in case you want to update your own cabinet contents. In the meantime, are there any bathroom products you simply can’t live without?