The best Bluetooth bathroom mirrors and their benefits

The best Bluetooth bathroom mirrors and their benefits

A Bluetooth mirror is a perfect addition to a family bathroom or en-suite, especially if you enjoy listening to music as you get ready or singing your heart out in the shower. Easily connected to your mobile phone, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors allow you to play your favourite playlist or audiobook through high-definition speakers. Not only do these mirrors provide exceptional sound quality, but they also feature fog-free demister pads, integrated shaver sockets and bright illumination. Keep reading to explore the main benefits of Bluetooth bathroom mirrors and how they are the perfect upgrade.

How Bluetooth bathroom mirrors work

You can link any device with Bluetooth connectivity to a Bluetooth bathroom mirror, including phones, tablets and laptops. Once you've connected to a compatible device, the mirror will remember your device, so you won't need to link it again. Mirrors with Bluetooth connectivity have a range of approximately 10 meters, so you'll most likely be able to play music from anywhere in your bathroom or the adjoining rooms. You can also connect two or more devices, but you'll only be able to play from one device at a time. Switching between the devices can be easily achieved using the setting app on your phone or compatible device.

Features and benefits of Bluetooth mirrors

Bluetooth bathroom mirrors have a wide range of features and benefits - explore some of our favourites below.

Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth mirrors provide clarity that fills your bathroom with exceptional room-filling sound. Whether you like listening to music or audiobooks, these bathroom mirrors feature high-definition Bluetooth speakers that provide crystal-clear sounds at all times. Sound quality isn't the only benefit of Bluetooth audio - they also allow you to play music without taking your phone into the bathroom and risking water or drop damage.

Adjustable Lighting

Another benefit of most Bluetooth bathroom mirrors is the integrated LED lighting. From carrying out daily tasks to relaxing, lighting impacts our everyday life. Bathroom mirrors with adjustable lighting allow you to switch the colour temperature to suit your mood or chore. Our Luka mirror with Alexa built-in is voice-controlled, meaning you can switch up the ambience and colour temperature with your voice. Ask Alexa to change the colour from cool white to warm white, and she can increase the brightness too!

Demister Activation

Bathroom mirrors with Bluetooth speakers also feature integrated demister pads, which are a welcome addition to any bathroom. These built-in demister pads are activated with the lights and help to keep the mirror's surface free from condensation. Not only do they help to reduce mirror fog, but they also help with the overall build-up of moisture in the bathroom.