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A guide to illuminated bathroom mirrors
Illuminated mirrors are a great way to instantly update and modernise your bathroom.
How to choose your bathrooms extractor fans: A buyer's guide
Bathrooms are infamous for being super damp, leading to nasty black mould. Dealing with it can be a real challenge. The secret to stopping this nightmare is by having a extractor fan in your bathroom and all over your home. Having...
How to find the right mirror size for your bathroom
Finding a balance between a practical mirror size and having it suit the rest of the bathroom’s style can be difficult to achieve.
Do LED mirrors use alot of electricity?
LEDs mirrors are one of the most energy-efficient ways of adding light to your interior space in comparison to traditional incandescent bulb. All of our mirrors and cabinets containing lights use LED’s which are significantly cheaper to run than other...
UK Bathroom Electrical Zones & IP Ratings Explained
Using electrical equipment in bathrooms or wet rooms requires additional attention to safety due to increased risk of electric shock or even worse.  There  are many electrical items which can be found and designed for bathroom use, such as ceiling...
How to Clean Your Bathroom Tiles
Discover effective tips for cleaning bathroom tiles and grout. Create your own solutions and tackle stubborn stains.
The best Bluetooth bathroom mirrors and their benefits
A Bluetooth mirror is a perfect addition to a family bathroom or en-suite.
Everything you need to know about demister pad mirrors
Do you hate it when your bathroom mirror steams up and you try and wipe it with your towel / hand but you still can not see yourself clearly. 
A guide to smart mirrors and how they work
You may not have thought about smart mirrors before but after reading this article you will never know how much you want one.
How to hang a bathroom mirror
Don't worry if you are new to hanging mirrors - here you will find the necessary steps for appropriately installing your unit. 
What are lumens? How to use them in the bathroom
We take a look at the common questions and misconceptions around lumens.
Bathroom Lighting Buying Guide
You may consider bathroom lighting to be as simple as picking an attractive, cost-effective fitting and installing it in the middle of the ceiling.
How To Clean Your Bathroom Mirror: Top Tips For A Streak-Free Mirror
Are you the type of person who constantly cleans the bathroom as you go along, or do you tend to put it off for ages, allowing the clutter and toothpaste stains to build up?
Understanding Kelvin Colour Temperature
Colour temperature is a relatively modern feature that can be found in most common households today.
Understanding Water Pressure
Bathroom renovations can be a long and arduous process, but when it finally comes to choosing your taps the excitement sets in.
Can a towel rail replace a radiator?
Having a way to keep the room a comfortable temperature can help keep your bathroom a nice place to relax.
How high should I hang a bathroom mirror?
When fitting a mirror in your bathroom, how high you hang it on the wall is just as important as where in the room it’s placed. 
How to defog a bathroom mirror
There can be nothing more frustrating than trying to use your bathroom mirror after your morning shower, only to find it’s completely misted up.
How to clean a Bathroom Mirror
You may feel like bathroom mirrors are a nightmare to clean with so many things against you, like toothpaste marks, fingerprints, water spots and limescale build-up.
Natural vs Artificial Bathroom Lighting: The Pros and Cons
A fresh and natural bathroom beautifully lit with rays of sunshine or a chic and sleek space illuminated with atmospheric spotlights; which bathroom design appeals most to you? We’re taking a look at the pros and cons of natural light vs artificial light to help you choose which bathroom tribe you belong to.
Household Tips: How To Get Rid Of Limescale The Cheap And Natural Way
First of all, let’s take a look at what limescale actually is – it’s that chalky deposit that you get in your electric kettle sometimes.