How big should a bathroom mirror be?

How big should a bathroom mirror be?

A mirror is guaranteed to bring the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom, but how do you decide which size would be the most suitable? We're here to explain all of the things to consider when picking the size of your bathroom mirror for your home.

How big is your bathroom?

This will be one of the most important factors to keep in mind when selecting the shape and size of a mirror for your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, it's likely that space in your bathroom will be at a premium. A larger mirror can create the illusion of space and can give you a beautiful focal point, even in the smallest of spaces. The effect could be so powerful that you'll find yourself needing less décor to make the room look perfectly finished. This can be especially effective in slim, powder rooms and en-suites. That being said, you should also choose a mirror that’s fit for function. If you’re going to use it for shaving or doing make-up, for instance, it needs to be large enough so you can see clearly and complete the task at hand properly.

What sort of mirror is best?

Bringing together these two factors: the space you have for a mirror, and its intended function, can have an impact on the type you consider. Are you interested in a large vanity mirror or a smaller shaving mirror? Is the mirror going to be fitted to a wall, is it free-standing or part of a cabinet? As with the frame, choosing a style of mirror that compliments your bathroom is key. Bear in mind that the type you like may only come in a large size and have the negative effect of making a room seem smaller.

You should try to avoid a mirror that covers an entire wall or could be an obstruction. For this reason, it’s a good idea to observe the space you have in mind for your mirror and choose a style, which will have an impact on the room, without overshadowing the rest of the decor. The style, shape and function of a mirror can also impact heavily on where it is placed. For example, many free-standing mirrors are designed to sit on a shelf, worktop or windowsill. So, when you choose your mirror, make sure it fits in the intended spot.

Measuring for a bathroom mirror

Once you’ve decided on a space and style for your mirror, it’s important to measure the area you intend to place it to work out exactly how big your mirror should be. For a bathroom mirror that will hang on the wall, you should measure the area of the wall you’re using and make sure that the width of the mirror, including the frame, is less than the width of the space. When selecting the best area of wall for your hanging mirror, it’s also a good idea to pick a space that will capture and reflect the most natural light. This can help brighten your bathroom and make it look bigger. To find the perfect mirror that best fits your bathroom, take a look at our Bathroom Mirror selection.