How To Clean Your Bathroom Mirror: Top Tips For A Streak-Free Mirror

How To Clean Your Bathroom Mirror: Top Tips For A Streak-Free Mirror

Are you the type of person who constantly cleans the bathroom as you go along, or do you tend to put it off for ages, allowing the clutter and toothpaste stains to build up? Either way, I'm sure we all come across our mirror to find unsightly streaks of water, toothpaste and other unknown residues on the daily basis; and it can be rather difficult to keep on top of this pesky sight! As our passion for all things bathroom continues to grow, we want to make sure that you have a variety of tips and hacks for cleaning your mirrors and keeping them streak-free and squeaky clean.

Mirrors that haven’t been cleaned for quite a while may have a build-up of dirt on the surface. This is especially true if you use hairspray, deodorant or any other aerosols in the bathroom as they tend to leave droplets on the mirror without you even noticing at the time. If you’ve had some housework or redecorating done in the bathroom whilst your mirror was already installed, chances are you will have paint specks or building materials on it too. If this is the case, then the first thing to do is to remove all the grime build-up from the surface of the mirror with a dishwashing sponge – use the scouring side and dip into some warm water with a small amount of washing-up liquid dissolved into it.

Once you’ve got the surface of the mirror clean, use a lint-free, flat weave microfibre cloth to polish and buff away any marks. Microfibre cloths, although expensive initially, are great for cleaning, especially in the bathroom. Wash them regularly (without using fabric conditioner as this will make them less efficient) and make sure that you keep a couple designed primarily for glass and bathroom use only.

For regular cleaning of your mirrors, use a designated glass cleaner with a microfibre cloth folded into quarters to give you four clean surfaces for cleaning.  Glass cleaner is designed not to produce suds and shouldn’t leave any streaky residue on the glass – you only need a small spray in the middle of the mirror, then use the cloth to spread it around to the outer edges.  Refold the microfibre cloth and use a clean, dry patch to buff the mirror to a brilliant shine.

Once you have cleaned your mirror properly, you mustn't forget to clean the surrounding area underneath the mirror; there would usually be a basin or vanity unit in this place. This is important as the dust from the microfibre cloth and the chemicals in the cleaning products will have also transferred to the area below the mirror. To keep everything hygienic, we recommend working your way from the top to the bottom when cleaning your bathroom, ensuring nothing gets missed out and everything remains clean and uncontaminated.

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