How to organise your bathroom cabinets

How to organise your bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets can get exceptionally cluttered over time, especially if you get into the habit of storing as many products in them as possible; just to keep them out of sight. Then, before you know it, you'll end up struggling to keep track of what you keep in them, completely forgetting about the products or items you already own.

To prevent this from happening too often, here are some ways to keep on top organising your bathroom cabinets.

Clear Everything Out

It is likely that there are far more items in your cabinets than you realise. The first step to efficiently organising them is to remove absolutely everything. There are two reasons behind this: Firstly, you will be able to tell exactly how much room you have in your cabinets. Secondly, you can pick out what needs to be thrown away to free up more space.

Nearly-empty shampoo, mouthwash, or toothpaste, anything approaching or past its expiry date, if there’s anything in your cabinet that you feel like you don’t or won’t use anymore - get rid of it and start fresh.

Don't forget, most of your plastic bottles will be recyclable! So make sure you rinse them out and recycle as many products as you can once they run out.

Clean the Cabinet

Now that you have the chance, you don't have to put off cleaning your bathroom furniture any longer. So take advantage of an empty cabinet, get your cleaning products out, and give it a thorough clean through. You might not get another chance like this for a while.

Organise your Storage

After you’ve cleared out your cabinet and cleaned it up, the next step will be to separate everything into groups and devising an organisational system. This can be done in whichever fashion you prefer. You could break everything up into categories like hair care, dental hygiene, makeup, and shower products; If you have a large enough cabinet, you could consider individualising everything by each family member by giving everyone their personal section in the cabinet.

Having a set, clear structure to your cabinet will make it easier when it comes to placing other items in there at a later date.

Storage Solutions

Now that you have replaced old items and you’re left with what will be going back into the cabinet, you should consider ways to keep everything separate. Consider investing in some wicker, rope or plastic trays to make sure everything can be neatly stored away. If there is space, try to push the lesser used items towards the back, while making sure the things you use every day, such as toothpaste and soap, stay towards the front.

By now, your cabinets should be looking much cleaner and neater, but if you would like to invest in some new storage to improve your bathroom’s look while increasing the storage space you have, take a look at our range of storage cabinets.