A guide to smart mirrors and how they work

A guide to smart mirrors and how they work

You may not have thought about smart mirrors before but after reading this article you will never know how much you want one. Our guide covers everything you need to know about smart mirrors, what they include, if they are smart home (Alexa) compatible, LED varieties and Bluetooth speakers.

What is a smart mirror?

Smart mirror technology has become increasingly popular in the last few years with smart home automation on the rise. Smart mirrors often have built-in LED lights, allowing you to change the colour to set the mood or adjust the warmth to provide the perfect lighting for your individual needs.

The original smart mirrors had only Bluetooth enabled, where you could connect your phone to play compatible music through the mirror’s speakers. These days smart mirrors have evolved with an array of features such as, Alexa built in allowing you to have your flash news briefing in the morning while you brush your teeth, or being able to play your favourite song on repeat in the shower. You will never look at a mirror the same again.

Alexa built-in

The Luka smart mirror has Alexa built in, not only giving you four colour temperatures to suit your needs but also access to all Alexa’s functions from either the touch bar or voice activation.

"Alexa, turn on MIRROR light."​​

"Alexa, set MIRROR light to warm white"​​

"Alexa, set brightness to 50%"​​

"Alexa, play Greatest Hits radio"​​

"Alexa, turn set volume to 10"​​

"Alexa, what is the weather like today?"​​

"Alexa, what is traffic like on the way to work?"​

Connect using a phone app

You can use the Luka mirror like you would any Alexa smart device, by downloading the Luka app and connecting it to your Amazon account using the Luka skill. This allows you to connect with other skills you have in your account and enables you to control other smart devices around your home through your smart mirror.

Customisable lighting settings

The Luka smart mirror has 5 light letting to suit your needs. The outer LED strip can be adjusted to four different brightness levels, daylight, cool white, soft white and warm white either via the tough button or ask Alexa using the integration skill set. Using the Alexa skill allows you to go even further with light control, using the voice command to make each light setting dimmable.

For example: “Alexa to change the light to warm white and 20% brightness", will give you a candle like glow perfect for those long evening baths where you want to relax.

For those early morning risers where you just need to find your toothbrush but trying to not wake the kids up, there is an additional ambient night light. This is located below the control panel. The ambient light exudes a gentle flow perfect for finding your way even on the darkest of days.

The benefits of smart mirrors

Approx. 100-200 words about the benefits of installing a smart mirror. Break the content up into an easy-to-read format e.g. a bullet list of the benefits, along with a brief explanation. For example:

  • Convenience: The built-in voice control makes it easier than ever to use the mirror’s features and also helps to keep the mirror clean, as you don’t need to touch it.
  • Future proof: With our lives becoming ever modernised you can keep up with the tech trends by owning a smart mirror.
  • Stylish: Have all your friends jealous of you with how sleek smart mirrors look. You wouldn't even know how many featurture they have with their smart design and aesthetics.
  • Compatibility: The Luka smart mirror doesn’t need any special software or its own computer to run. All you need to do is download the app, connect it to your Alexa and you are good to go.