Everything you need to know about demister pad mirrors

Everything you need to know about demister pad mirrors

Do you hate it when your bathroom mirror steams up and you try and wipe it with your towel / hand but you still can not see yourself clearly. Well we have the solution for you, which is a demister pad mirror.

This handy device, which is installed inside of your mirror, allows you carry on with your bathroom routine without any extra hassle. If you aren't familiar with demister pads, or you would like to find out more information, carry on reading this blog for everything you need to know about demister pad mirrors.

What is a demister pad?

A demister pad is a small device that heats up a section of your mirror to prevent the build-up of steam and condensation. Activate the demister pad before, during or after a bath/shower and you are guaranteed to have a lovely, streak-free mirror, ready to use in an instant. Now there's no need to wipe your hand across the cold, wet surface to catch a glimpse of yourself behind the wet streaks on the mirror. Let the demister pad do all the work and you will never want to live without one.

How demister pad mirrors work?

Demister pads work similar to your car’s deicer built into your windscreen. You simply turn this on and the thin wires built into the glass heat up causing any moisture on the surface to evaporate.

Demister pads are made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) resistance wire, producing an electric circuit made of enamel-insulated wire. All of our mirrors use a slimline demister pad thickness of 0.4mm and are positioned neatly behind the mirror towards the centre for the best effect. The 240V pads also have a lifespan of 8 to 15 years, giving you that extra peace of mind when in the process of purchasing.

The demister pad heats the surface of the mirror between 8-15 degrees centigrade higher than the room temperature. This occurs in the space of just 15 seconds. The demister pads are made to produce a fixed number of Watts per square metre and so, the device can run consistently and safely on full power without overheating.

Advantages of demister pad mirrors

No need to wait for the steam to clear?

With demister pads you don't need to wait for the steam in your bathroom to naturally disappear. You can just turn your demister pad on and wait just 15seconds for it to disappear or you can turn it on before your bath/shower so that the steam doesn't build up on your mirror.

Less time spent cleaning your mirror?

As you know water droplets leave marks on your bathroom mirror meaning you are forever cleaning your mirror to keep it streak free. With a demister pad the water droplets evaporate away leaving no marks behind, meaning less cleaning.