How high should I hang a bathroom mirror?

How high should I hang a bathroom mirror?

When fitting a mirror in your bathroom, how high you hang it on the wall is just as important as where in the room it’s placed. So how high should your bathroom mirror be? From the height of those people using the mirror to if it will be placed above a sink, there are different things to think about. This blog explains the key things to know to help you find the perfect height for your bathroom mirror.

Mirror height for you and your family

First, it’s important to consider your height and the height of those people who will be using the mirror, such as your partner and family. If you’re tall and have tall people in your family, the mirror will need to be hung higher on the wall. Whereas, if shorter people will use the mirror it will need to hang lower. As simplistic as that sounds it may be difficult to fit everyone’s needs, finding an overall average height can help you decide how high to place the mirror. When considering mirror height, it’s a good idea to use your eye level (or the average eye level of those using the mirror) as a guide. Position the mirror so the centre of the glass is in line with that eye level. For instance, if the average eye level of the people in your family is around five feet, then the mirror should be hung so it’s centre is five feet from the floor. Another method of doing this is to position the mirror so that the top of the glass is a few inches above the eye level of the tallest person in your family.

Mirrors above a bathroom sink or shelf

Another thing to consider is if your bathroom mirror will be placed above a sink or shelf. If this is the case, you should observe the height of the ceiling and the space you have to work with. A small mirror, for instance, may look odd with a large expanse of space above it. In contrast, a very large mirror might look strange if it’s hung too high over the sink and there’s little space between the ceiling and the top of the glass. With this in mind, a symmetrical look can work well, especially with a large mirror, so that there’s equal space below and above the mirror. This can also be effective if you’re placing two mirrors side by side above a shelf.

When thinking about how the mirror height can add some style to your bathroom, you should also observe the size of your sink and design of your taps. If you have a large sink, with an old-fashioned, striking faucet, for instance, positioning the mirror so its bottom edge reflects the fitting in the glass can create an elegant effect, adding a classy look to your bathroom.

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