Understanding Kelvin Colour Temperature

Understanding Kelvin Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is a relatively modern feature that can be found in most common households today, with the availability to alter the brightness and appearance of the lighting in different appliances and accessories found within your home. If you are familiar with illuminated mirrors, you will find that the majority of these items will come with a temperature of 4,000 – 6,500 kelvins.

We, at Pebble Grey, are going to help you understand what these numbers mean, and what you can expect from the output of our illuminated mirrors.

Colour Temperature Explained

Common colour temperatures include warm white, cool white and daylight lighting. One thing to remember is that a lower colour temperature means a warmer light will be present and a higher Kelvin colour temperature means a cooler, blue looking light will be present. For example, an electric light with a wire filament such as an incandescent light bulb will produce a yellow light at a temperature of 2,700 kelvin; this is where the warm colour comes from.

Illuminated mirrors and cabinets are often found with LED’s or fluorescent lighting rather than bulbs/lamps. This means that the colour temperature of the LEDs is estimated in relation to the colour of the light because LEDs and fluorescents do not use heat to create light. This is called correlated colour temperature (CCT) and you may come across this in the product specification of an illuminated mirror or cabinet.

Many of our colour changing mirrors and cabinets will provide a warm light at 4,100 kelvins and can be changed to a cool white light at 6,400 kelvins. Giving you the ability to change the setting and ambience of the room within the press of a button.

Most cool white illuminated mirrors will have a ‘daylight’ output of 6,000 kelvins, which means they will appear white, rather than a blue colour; ensure you check product specifications thoroughly so you know what to expect from the mirror you are looking at online.

We aim to make sure that all expectations of our items are met or even exceeded by providing you with as much information as we can, giving you that extra peace of mind when purchasing an illuminated mirror or cabinet online.

So, whether you’re looking to maximise storage space, or looking for another furniture piece in your bathroom – why not browse through our exclusive range of bathroom furniture today.